Fighter Attitude - KAVELUZA

Fighter Attitude - KAVELUZA

Fighter Attitude now available on iOS and Windows Phone!

"Innovative, simple, fast and frenetic action"

Progressive Development:

Jun '13iOS release. Core Mechanics
Sep '13Massive update on graphics, FX and sounds, Facebook integration
Oct '13Windows Phone release
Coming soon...Cross-platform Online versus. More platforms including next-gen console: Wii U !

Watch the Trailer!

Website last update: Dec 1st 2013

Set up your mobile eSports and parties with the split screen VS mode!

About Fighter Attitude

Fighter Attitude re-thinks the fighting game formula;

Would it make sense to attempt to make a clone of an existing fighting franchise?

Although with a humble start (limited resources budget, people and time),
we have managed to keep improving the game continously =D

But... what´s exactly the different approach on fighting games?
TrendFighter Attitude approach
Complicated motionsSimple controls, classic gamepad or gesture based
Combo memorizationCombo system based on timing, all attacks can be chained
One combo killF.A. implements a counter attack system available 90% time during a combo
Slow fight'The-one-that-makes-the-first-mistake-dies' situation, makes the fight slow and very defensive, instead F.A. mechanics allows to attack and counter attack on a dynamic way
Air jugglingNot here
Side viewMultiple cameras, this is a 3D game, right?

Split screen VS on the same Device

All your comments, requests, feedback, critics, ideas, etc. are welcome!

Game features F.A.Q. (for support, please click here)
Q. Why some screenshots/videos have an on-screen gamepad and others don't?
A. There are 2 control modes that use an on-screen gamepad and 1 that use gestures, that's the reason
Q. What are the game modes?
A. Single player: Quick Match & Survival
Multiplayer VS: Split Screen mode
Training: quite important, to introduce the new game mechanics
Achievements: keep track of your achievements progress
Q. How is movement controlled?
A. There are 3 control/camera modes: (you can switch modes by tapping on the hands image)
Classic: only 2 cameras, horizontal aligned and on-screen gamepad, for easy and fast on-boarding
Cinematic: 9 cameras, some horizontal aligned, some crazy angles, (recommended)
Touch-Fighter: the innovative fully gesture-based controls! (my personal favorite)
Q. Online mode?
A. Not ready yet.
Q. How many characters?
A. So far, it has 4 unique characters, you can play VS with the same character and different cloth color
Q. Are the screenshots from the game ? Usually the promo images are way better than the actual game...
A. The pictures posted above were taken from an iPhone 5 by using the screen shot function (iPhone's Main button + Power button)
Q. Is the Trailer video actual gameplay ?
A. Absolutely, recorded from iPhone 5
Q. Is this an iOS-'Universal App?
A. Yes, it´s a Universal App that works with iPod4/iPhone4 and Up and iPad1 and up
On iPhone5/iPod5 and iPad 3+ it runs at 60fps, on previous devices the fps ranges from 30 to 50
Q. Is it iOS-Retina display optimized?
A. Yes, this game is optimized for Retina Display, indeed it was developed primarily for iPad 4th Gen and iPhone 5
Q. What Windows Phone devices support this game?
A. It was developed for Windows Phone 8.0 and tested on a Nokia Lumia 520 (512 MB)